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Some of the links on this blog contribute to me not starving to death! This means that if a link on this website takes you to a place to purchase something and you do purchase that something I will get a small portion (usually less than 5%) of the total sale.
 If you enjoy the content of this site then you should know that sometimes I make money off of it though affiliated links. It's as simple as that. I occasionally will use Share A Sale to advertise products from other companies that I think are worth the money spent.

To date: May 21st 2016 - I have made exactly .32 cents.
Thank you person who purchased the product I recommended! You are friggen amazing!

Just know that your support even in just keeping up with what I write is super duper appreciated. Thank you for the time you've taken out of your day to read anything I write. It means a lot to me!

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