Friday, May 13, 2016

Bullet Journaling - My No Good, Very Bad, Ugly Layouts

In the Facebook communities for Bullet Journaling and Planners I see so many people who post pictures of the mistakes they make in formatting their planners. I assume the impulse for external guilt relief is the reason for posting the pictures of their mistakes, as every comment reply is usually a long the lines of 'that's what washi tape is for!' and 'I've done this too! Just doodle over it!'

Kicking ourselves when we've made a mistake is human nature. We seem enjoy obsessing about our mistakes and have an almost masochistic need to destroy ourselves over the slightest upset. Our internal voice spins out of control going over one alternate scenario at a time while we tell ourselves how dumb, lazy, or ridiculous we are for the accident.

Applying Wabi-sabi to the spaces we inhabit, the thoughts that we have, and actively focusing on appreciating the silver lining of every situation naturally creates balance. If we learn to allow things outside of ourselves to be imperfect, we are more willing to allow our inner-selves to be imperfect and see the beauty of both. 

I'm going to show you what my No Good, Very Bad, Ugly layouts look like. The ones I made in a rush, the ones I forgot to fill out. Even the ones with horrible spelling and bad numerating. Not because I feel guilty about this, but because I am passionate about self-forgiveness and moving forward. 

So let's build a bridge and get right the fuck over it!

Twenty 16 Goals:

This is the first thing I put in this collection notebook after migrating my previous one! You'd think I would've, you know, cared to fill it out. I think that lining out all of my 'goals' though would have negated having some of the more fun collections I've made like my 'Early Warning Signs' collection which is a list of warning signs that I'm becoming depressed.

April 8th: 

I managed a couple of good doodles. During this time I was just coming off of my #artmarch2016 kick and was drawing a lot. I'm not sure what a 'grocery ship' is but I wanna ride it! I don't know if I even completed the task at all, but hey. This is just paper.

February 27th:
So, that's supposed to be the doodles/plans of what my bed situation would look like after adding a canopy. I still haven't added canopy. The list off to the side there cracks me up as it's obvious I tried to do the date pretty, then everything else just kinda fell apart after that...

January 9th:
At first glance this spread looks totally okay...until you take a look at that bunny up there and what's happening with him and his pig friend. Oh. Oh my... 

So even though the above layouts are pretty terrible, it's alright. The point in bullet journaling is to catalog, dissect and discover things in your life. It's not about how beautiful of a layout you make, though it is a nice feeling when you do.

Link me to pictures of your bullet journal fails in the comments! Or tag @snarkandstringblog #snsbujofail so that I can see them!

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