Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bullet Journaling - The ADD Way

There happens to be about 5000 websites right now detailing all the fun to be had with the Bullet Journal (BuJo) system.

The problem is that even Ryder's basic set up can be pretty daunting for someone who is used to flying by the seat of their pants and who wants to jump in ASAP.

My very best friend also has ADD and is a graduate student. Last night as we did our laundry we watched the intro video for the system and even that seemed over complicated. So I explained it to him this way:
Turn to a blank page.

Write the date.


Write down all the tasks and put a check box in front of each one.

Buy Milk

As you go through your day write down more things and check off the things you've done.

Buy Milk
Write 500 words on Moby Dick
Do the Dishes
Play music for an hour

If there's something due later in the week, write it down and put the date by it.*

Paper on Moby Dick due 4/28

At the end of the day, write tomorrow's date and put all the things you didn't get done today onto the next day.

4/13/16 Buy Milk
Write 500 words on Moby Dick
Do the Dishes
Now, there's some holes in the above, it's obviously just a migration of lists. *Future planning is a big one, but is easily solved when you write the month at the top of the next blank page and then list all the things that are due later in it. Which is the way the original system was intended to flow.

Being able to immediately jumping into this system, I think, is more important than getting it right the first time.

I know the original way was to set up the months before starting the daily log, but to the ADD person who just wants to get right in there, I think leaving the month log off until it's necessary is good way to start.

So that's how I explained it to him. I also showed him my latest lay out and said 'this is some advanced level stuff...'

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