About Me

I'm actually a brunette!
I'm Arcadia. I'm 29 years old, an only child, and I live in Wichita, Kansas. I have a boyfriend named Matt and a chihuahua named Ezra. I wanted to start a blog because I like writing, but am horrible at the whole 'show don't tell thing' so I just decided to tell people things and show them pictures of those things.

Maybe someday I'll post my writing. We'll see.

Mostly I hangout at home or in at the office. I have Attention Deficit Disorder and spend a lot of time overstimulated inspired by things I see online and people I talk to in the ICT community. I've been trying to give this blog a focus for awhile now and I imagine that it'll change just as frequently as my interests.

I like talking to people, listening to them, and figuring out new and awesome ways of living. (I lived in a bus once - it was a time.) Most of what I write about comes to me from the ways I've dealt with my own life. I honestly don't have an any answers, but I try to inspire others to finding theirs. My goal with this blog is to inform, unify and inspire. In whatever way that happens I am okay with and will be happy about.

Anyway, now that all that touchy-feely stuff is out of the way....

Let me know if you have any questions or anyone you'd like for me to interview! I'm always looking for new topics and new people to talk to! If you have any suggestions either tell me in the comments or write me an e-mail hello@snarkandstring.com.
As always, all content on this site is owned and should only be distributed with direct links and mentions back to this website. Where work of another artist has been used I've tried to make sure to credit those people. If you see something that I've missed let me know!



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