Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Aaaand We're Back!

Okay, technically I got back last Thursday, but I wanted to take a little break and get settled into work and home life before returning to the wonderful world of the internet! Before Matt and I left he had an issue with his house leaking and now his apartment is pretty unlivable. We've been moving some of this stuff over to my house, ehem, our house and it's taken a bit of mental energy trying to Tetris everything! Hopefully he'll be all set to move in by the first of August! Exciting!

On top of that I'm working on a project called Big Brave Dream (you can find it on Facebook and IG!) that I'll probably end up pushing back until September.
Aaaaand I just applied to take some online college classes.

Life is always exciting.

As far as Snark and String - everything will return to normal next week. Check back for Part II of Mo' Money, Mo' Problems , an artist interview, and at least one guest post!

Thanks for keeping up with me!


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