Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Quick & Dirty Guide - Mo' Money, Mo Problems Part 1: Side Hustles for Artists

Google 'side hustle' and you'll get suggestions for everything from dog walking to starting a drop shipping business. It's pretty hilarious actually to see all of the suggestions because the writers of those articles know that about 98% of people reading them won't actually start any kind of business at all, so the suggestions can be pretty far-fetched.

Let me tell you, anything that sounds like an actual job is not a side hustle. I mention this because the 2nd hit on google is for a website that suggests that being a barber or cosmetologist is a side hustle.

 Those are actual professions.

If you're reading this blog chances are you're an artist or have a creative talent. So while I have no issue with artists of any sort walking dogs or selling magazine subscriptions, it's important to remember that as an artist you have a certain set of skills that no one else has. Sure, there are other graphic designers, writers and musicians out there but they don't have your eye, your ear or your imagination. Knowing that your are a unique individual with specialized skills is key to making your side hustle profitable. 

In the first interview I ever did for this website Zach Rathbun said that most people thought of his skill as some sort of magic. And he's not wrong.

As an artist you have a unique gift that a lot of the people in your community do not. If you're still working odd jobs, or even have a regular 8-5, starting a side hustle can be a lucrative way to a) build your resume and b) get some beer money.

There's always the possibility that you'll be able to turn your side hustle into a regular gig.

So what are some good artistic side hustles?


- Face painting at birthday parties and events
- Mural Painting for chidren's bedrooms
- Children's portraits
- Self Published Adult Coloring pages
- Chalk Board Artist

How to get started: Design yourself a flyer, get it copied at Fedex Office and post it everywhere. Don't be afraid to talk to people with children and offer your business card. Protip: Talk to parents at high-end casual places like the waiting area of nice restaurants/coffee shops. Opening line: "Your son/daughter is so cute! How old are they?"


- Advertising Copy for small and local businesses
-  Ghost Write articles for niche businesses
-  Self Publish an e-book to the Kindle Store, this could take you awhile depending on the topic!
- Resume Writing
- Press Releases

How to get started: Think about the major industries in your area and google search for small businesses that have lack luster websites. Find their e-mail contacts and shoot them a quick e-mail selling yourself and your plan for their need.


- Voice Overs
- Jingle Writing
- Busking
- Weddings
- Proms/Reunions

How to get started: Locally you could connect with a photography studio and trade 'name drops' for wedding packages. Search out 'Class of [relevant year] [name of city] High School' on Facebook and contact the group with an offer to play. Put an ad on Craigslist and on your artist Facebook page about jingle and voice over work.

Graphic Design

- Business Branding
- E-book Covers
- Infographics
- Product Mock Ups
- Social Media Header Designs

How to get started: This is pretty much the same as getting started in writing locally, all you need to do is offer your services to local businesses - especially ones that have crappy websites and logos. Even if you know nothing about how to build a website you can offer your services to make a company a sleek Facebook page or a new logo.

But what about just doing what you want? What about your original creative ideas? How do you get people to appreciate your original art, and more importantly...how do you get them to buy it?

E-mail me and we'll talk about it! I'd be more than happy to discuss strategies for getting your product in front of potential buyers - though I'll be honest here and let you know that for questions about music I'll probably end up linking you people who are more versed in that industry.


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