Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Asian Skin Care - Routine and Review

 Asian skincare is pretty amazing for a lot of reasons, my favorite being that it actually works. I've included links to the products I use and swear by. If you decide to purchase using one of the links below know that I get a small portion of the sale and will be forever grateful!
In Western skincare there's three types of skin: oily, combination, and dry. Sometimes they tack on sensitive and aging as well, but when was the last time you saw a western skincare line specifically for aging combination skin that's sensitive and prone to hormonal acne?

Oh yeah. Never.

What makes Asian skincare so much better is the fact that you can customize it to exactly what your issues are without spending a fortune. This ultra customization means that you'll end up with extra steps that aren't normally seen in Western skin care, but will provide you with real results and the ability to identify any products that aren't working or are causing problems.

The basics for starting are pretty simple, and only include 4 products.
1. Cleanser
2. Toner
3. Moisturizer
4. Sunscreen

For fun, I recommend picking up a box of masks for hydration and all around feeling great. As I said in my last post PATCH TEST EVERYTHING. Don't be like me and burn the crap out of yourself by jumping right into alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids. Get your

So after the exciting chemical burn incident I toned down my routine, bought a couple of other products and took things slowly. I actually patch tested this time! I threw away the samples of the AHA and BHA I had been using and decided to take things a little slower.

I purchased cosRX's AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner specifically because I had seen reviews that the product doesn't do much. Yes. I bought a product based on it not performing well. My reasoning was that I have sensitive skin, but still wanted to include a balancing step, mild exfoliation, and prep my skin for any essences that I use. 

In conjunction with the toner I have been using: 

Night Routine:
1.Cleanse I wet my konjac sponge and squeeze it a few times to get it going. This little buggers are the only thing (including my hands!) that haven't immediately made my skin red. They're made of a natural plant material and provide really delicate exfoliation. They take a second to expand, so I wet mine, and then oil cleanse all my eye make up off, and then load the sponge with a bit more of the cleansing oil and wash my entire face. I don't rub my face with the sponge, but rather glide it gently.

I don't use a second cleanser at this point because I've got a product that has been doing well for a minute!

2. Tone I spray a couple of pumps of the toner into my cupped hand, then using my other hand gently pat and roll the product onto my face starting along the sides of my face and forehead, then extending to my nose and chin. I work from the outside in until there's no product left on my hands and my face doesn't feel wet. I don't rub and I don't spray. 

3. Apply Actives I use the dropper in the Vitamin C serum to dispense a small drop onto the tips of my index and ring fingers. I then dot the product onto the dark spots around my mouth from the chemical burn, as well as onto my forehead and apples of my cheeks. I don't go crazy with this because it does make things tingle a bit! Vitamin C is amazing for healing acne and fading PIH. 

Then I wait 20 minutes.

4. Apply Essence After the wait, I take a small bead of the essence and roll/pat the product on my forehead, chin, dark spots, and any blemishes. I don't use this or any product directly on the skin around my eyes! I wait for this to soak in, which usually takes about 5 minutes.

5. Moisturize Next I use a pea sized bead of the steam cream, and again do the pat/roll thing. It's a very rich moisturizer that I like better than my Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturiser because it's less pricey, goes a long way, and is easier to carry around. To be honest, the Shiseido moisturizer is more luxurious in feel and packaging, as well as better for my winter skin, but the steam cream I think is a better value and is light enough for the weather we've been having in Kansas.

6. Mask Lastly, I throw the honey mask on. I like the Welcos one on particular because it has the little eye hole flaps that I can adjust to get right under my eyes rather than just having precut eye holes that hit at the orbital bone. I will sit in the mask until I can't handle it anymore or it dries out. Somewhere between 10 minutes and an hour.

Morning Routine:
Make coffee. Lots of coffee. Splash water on my face, dot on some vitamin c serum, a dash of moisturizer and sunscreen. Cover everything in Dr. Jart BB Cream and finish off the rest of my makeup look.

And that's it!! Total for the Asian Skincare products I use is less than the cost of 2 equivalent Western products and is customizable for my skin. For more info on how to develop your own skincare routine start here.

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  1. Hello Arcadia, I enjoyed reading your blog post. And I like the Asian skin care routine you've shared. Just looking forward to develop my own skin care routine.