Monday, April 11, 2016

Why Would Anyone Start a Blog?

Aren't there better things to do with a person's time than be a blogger? Aren't blogs for tech and women's interests? Maybe the time would be better spent checking out Real Life Doodles for an hour or even browsing ThinkGeek for premature Christmas Gifts?

I've done both...In the last hour.

And that's the problem and the reason why I wanted to start this blog. I have severe Attention Deficit Disorder and I do many, many things in an hour.

With the 'new tab' feature every browser has, I can pretty much search out any item, any thought, and any activity with in seconds. It's an exciting age to have ADD because I can honestly learn and do anything that I have the attention for. My attention though, wavers about once a week.

I decided I needed structure. I needed a way to document what I've been learning. Each time I learn a new craft or become obsessed with a new skin care regime I forget about what I was into the time before. When that obsession or craft comes back around - as they do - I have an edge from the last time I focused on it, but not necessarily a huge amount of understanding left.

So I thought I'd share all my obsessions, as they come, and also devote a small corner of the internet to helping others with ADD perhaps find things that will keep their minds occupied as well. The center of all this is my planner/journal. I'll be making more than a few posts on how I stay organized in the midst of all the thread, paint, and clay mucking about.

Welcome to my journey through my hobbies and hopefully you'll find something worth sticking around for!

Thanks for indulging me!



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