Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Motivation - Quotes

I know this week is going to be quite hectic - I've got to finish that quilt for Josee, find birthday presents for her and Matt, I have plans to catch up with a couple friends this week, an interview to do with local drummer Scott Dean Taylor, and am not really sure if need to buy a broom, or if I should just buy a Wet Jet Swiffer.

These are the questions. I'm not trying to busy brag at all, it's just I'm not used to having something to do every evening, and I'm just trying not to go bonkers over here.

To help my mind stop going into over drive, I thought I'd compile a list of quotes to get me through.

What are your favorite quotes for keeping your motivation high during the week? Share them and any tips in the comments below!


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