Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Latest Projects and Quitting Smoking

I am just over one week officially cigarette free!

Hurrah! I feel less like I want to murder someone! And! Now if I do want to murder someone, I won't pass out while chasing after them.

I've been working on a lot of different projects to keep myself distracted from lighting up. It's been very rough. I was a smoker for fifteen years and decided enough was a enough. Also, I like using the money I earn for things that make me happy - not unhealthy.


I used to do a lot more art when I was in high school and I miss it. I followed Kelsey Beckett on Instagram and really enjoyed her work. Super inspiring! I had the worst time drawing hands and really focused this time on getting them right. Which wasn't easy.


I decided that I really wanted to do some snarky embroidery and add some flare to my next project. I searched out a lot of really cute and sassy sayings on Pinterest, but decided instead to just go with negging.


Okay, to be fair - I had cut out the bigger squares on this awhile ago and the smaller squares were from my boyfriend's mom. The project was mainly a lot of straight line sewing and yelling. So far, I have the quilt top done and am working on getting the energy for finishing it.

Asian Beauty Products

 Let me tell you what - I jumped in with some masks and an a Konjac sponge from TJMaxx and I really wish I had gotten on this earlier - my face feels amazing. I've placed two orders now for serums, toners and whatever else struck my fancy with Memebox and Jolse. Memebox is in California and is a bit more pricey than Jolse, but takes a week to arrive verses the 3-4 weeks with Jolse. ADD = Impatient.

(Did I mention I also started a blog? Weird.)


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