Thursday, April 21, 2016

Create Break - Desk Top Crafts For Your 15 Minute Breaks

Creating something on my break helps me if I'm having a rough day at work by taking my mind off of how much I want to yell at someone, gives me a sense of accomplishment, and helps me de-stress. Being able to step away from my computer for a moment helps keep me from punching my monitor (And apparently it also makes me more productive at work.)

 I understand that not everyone keeps a craft stash at work, so I've tried to make these as easily accomplished with office materials as possible. If you don't currently have a craft stash, I highly recommend one. Or you know at least a Mister Potato head or some other creative toy as having something to fidget with is also a really helpful when working through a stressful situation.

Here are three quick crafts you can do while sitting at your desk on your break. All of these can be used to help organize things in one fashion or another, though I promise you that's not the whole point. 

Paperclip Page Markers:

-Super, super easy. Just need a couple of paperclips, paper/post-its, or washi if you have it. Great for making pages or stacks of paperwork that need to be filed.

-Cut a bit of paper, or a bit of washi twice as long as you want your flag to be.

-Slip the paper/washi through the paper clip, placing it to where it's still functional and the paper isn't actually falling out.
Tape the paper together and cut the notch.

You can also just tie a pretty ribbon to the end of the paperclip! Or, if you wanna be reaaally fancy, make a tassel to attache to the end of the paperclip. (Making a tassel is easy with a fork!)

Packing Tape Transfers:
This one is super fun and a dead simple craft that you can use to personalize just about anything - files folders, or glass objects like vases.

You'll need a photocopied picture. This method will work with any photocopied thing, so get creative! For this project I layered a sticky note from Papaya!Art, some scrap pages from a book and random washi tape from the first project.

-Carefully cover the picture with your packing tape making sure there are no gaps.
Cut all the excess off and rub the tape really hard - this is called burnishing - you want to make sure that everything is adheres super well. I used a spoon from the break room.
-Then, here's the fun part!
Run the whole dang thing under water. The paper will ball up and come off, leaving the design by itself.
-To stick it, you may still have some stickiness left from your packing tape, but maaay want to paint a thin layer of clear nail polish on the back of the tape transfer. Stick it to your object! I used a mason jar that I had sitting on my desk holding tacks and what not.

Tuna Can Dish Organizer:
I did over the course of several breaks and use them for organizing random small things.

-First open your tuna can and eat your lunch. Then clean the crap out of the can getting all the paper bits, smells and oils out of it. If you bent anything out of whack when opening it, you will probably want to fix those, or wait until you have a better can to work with. You really don't want to cut yourself!

-Using the clean can as a guide, trace around the outside of the can onto a piece of paper you like.  Cut out the circle and set it aside.

-This next part you can either do at home, or while you're on your lunch break as it takes a bit longer. You're going to paint the can inside an outside with a color you like. Here I've used a gold modeling enamel (the stinky kind) but an acrylic paint will work just as well and be less likely to infuriate your co-workers.
-Last, take a bit of tape or glue if you have it, and stick the paper circle to the bottom inside of the can. You will probably need to trim up the sides a bit for it fit.

Super easy crafts. All three of them I've done during my fifteen minute and hour lunch breaks. I've also brought crochet projects, embroidery and other hand crafts to work to keep my mind steady. Anything that can be toted around in pencil pouch is usually good for random Create Breaks - I don't recommend trying oil painting or quilting while at work!

If you do any of the crafts above take a picture of them and tag @snarkandstringblog on instagram! I want to see what everyone else is up to during their day! Share any super simple crafts that you do on your breaks or other ways you deal with stress as I'm always looking for things to keep myself occupied.


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